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Divorce Financial Settlement
One-third of divorces involve shared assets worth PS500,000 or more. These assets are usually real estate properties that served as the family home. When these assets are part of a financial settlement, the court has the discretion to order the sale of the property and decide how the proceeds will be divided. Courts are not necessarily inclined to split assets 50/50, but look at the circumstances of each couple to determine how best to divide the property. For example, one party may be more dependent on the other spouse's income during the marriage than the other.
If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement on divorce financial settlement terms, you can expect a peaceful divorce. However, most spouses fight over trivial matters and see the financial settlement as a means of revenge. That is why it is crucial to approach the financial settlement as an essential moment in your divorce. Listed below are some tips to make the financial settlement a peaceful and amicable process. Once you've reached a fair settlement with your spouse, don't forget to consult with a divorce lawyer to ensure you're financially secure after the separation. Learn more about  family court discovery rules,  go here. 
Before proceeding with a divorce, the court will review your financial settlement. If you cannot reach an agreement on divorce financial settlement, a consent order may be necessary. In this situation, the financial settlement is drafted into a court-approved Consent Order, which sets out the division of your financial assets after the separation. It may also include provisions for spousal maintenance or child maintenance. By using a solicitor, you can save money and have the financial settlement drafted and approved before you even start the divorce process. Find out for further  details on property settlement agreement after divorce right here. 
During the separation period, the former spouse can also request a life insurance policy on the other spouse. This will protect maintenance payments for your children. If your former spouse remarried, you may be able to apply for a reduced maintenance payment. A clean break agreement gives you more certainty and can untangle your financial affairs. However, you cannot use this option if your ex-spouse wants to keep the children in the home, and you need to provide money to support them.
The goal of a divorce financial settlement is to divide assets fairly. Fairness does not mean that the assets are equally divided between the two parties. It means that both parties are placed in a comparable position. For instance, the breadwinner should receive a greater share than the homemaker, but the other partner may receive a smaller share. This is a common scenario, but if your ex-spouse did not make enough money to support a larger mortgage, the court may consider the role that the financially weaker partner played in the marriage.
While the dividing of assets is an important step in a divorce, it is important to remember that the innocent party is often left with most of the assets in the marriage. This is true even if you do not have any children, as long as you and your ex-spouse did not abuse one another. It is best to seek legal and financial advice before making any decisions based on your income. It is important to make an informed decision about dividing the assets and finances. Take a  look at this  link  for more information. 
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